“I’m happy to be Fat” Attitude; DELETED!


2/1/13 – I was fed up with being FAT (at 354 lbs)!!! I couldn’t welcome the unhealthy life style in my world any longer.  My uncle died of diabetes, the doctor was telling me, that he was putting me on blood pressure medicine to lower my blood pressure as it was over the pre-hypertension levels even when I was calm.

First I had to say a prayer for god to give me the strength. I then really had to get myself accustom to breaking my normal routines. I stop eating out and began bring lunch and breakfast and trying not to do the heavy carbohydrates for dinner, and kept it simple at dinner, and not eating after 8pm. I also set a goal to workout at least 3-4 times a week, to stay active, because I seen ZERO exercise even when I was healthy enough to do so. This is where is all stated. By creating goals, setting up a plan of execution, and prayer….

Heaviest I’ve ever Been….360lbs….

Before I wanted to lose the weight (around the end of 2012), I was really ashamed of the person I was. No one ever knew I was ashamed, because I acted as if it was OK to be “Big-Boned”. HA!! Never taking public pictures, only bathroom pics that no one could see.

My doctor was telling me repeatedly that I was morbidly obese (which I didn’t want to hear), and I was at risk to various diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes,  heart disease, etc. What ever diseases that went along with obesity, I was headed down that road, not to mention they all were hereditary, so it was 75% that I was on the road to getting themImage.

I never realized how bad it was because I ate out daily, never cooking anything. I never took the time to count  calories and all I knew is that if had a great taste, then I was in love. I was almost like addicted to carbohydrates. For example a normal day would for breakfast: 2 sausage biscuits, fries, and sweet tea (1,000 Calories); Lunch; crispy chicken sandwhich with fries, 2 apple pies, and sweet tea (1,000 Calories) and for dinner spaghetti, with garlic bread. (who knows how many calories) But my point is I was in over drive on al of the carbs, and I really didn’t care about who had a problem with it.

Of course living like this for sooo long, the bad eating habits would get the best of me….and I could not stop. It was definitely a mind thing, and for some reason, my brain did not get the fact that you simply have to keep yourself from eating.

Greetings…I’m a blogger now…Picture that!


I think this is really  test, only because I’m not sure what i’m doing. This is definitely a test blog, and a chance for me to let the world walk in my shoes. This will be a blog based on my weight loss journey. As of today,  have came a LONG way…..I’ll update the blog with photos pretty often, once I get everything connected, ie; twitter, fb , intagram, etc